nexlon™’s Recycling Process

Submitted by cher on Wed, 10/09/2019 - 10:02

The dye method for nexlon™ requires less water and resources, which makes the yarn production and processing environmentally friendly as it does not create wastewater throughout the dyeing process. 


Tuntex re-uses materials to produce in-house recycled yarn, achieving closed-loop recycling of raw materials. The entire recycled yarn can be reused to create Tuntex’s Circular nexlon™, minimising the loss of energy and pollution to the environment.


Due to these sustainability efforts, Tuntex has repeatedly received environmental honours and awards, including China's first green label certification issued by US CRI, and Tuntex is the first carpet manufacturer in Asia to receive GreenCircle third-party certification as well as the third-party verified HPD certification (Health Product Declaration).